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 Initially, I wanted to attend  nail school because I just wanted to have fun doing nails for my family and friends almost 22 years ago.   Once I got started, I realized that, most times,  the people who came to me for a service needed more than just getting their nails done.  They needed more than what cotton pads, emery boards, and nail polish can do.  They often needed to unwind, relax, and regroup.  I think being a successful nail tech is about providing a place where clients can expect exceptional service while they are being pampered in a space that is clean and comfortable by a person that truly cares about their well being.  I don’t just do nails.  At times, my clients’ “Me Time” might require a little nurturing as well.  I try to that with a listening ear and a caring heart.  No matter how you come in, I try my hardest to ensure that you leave with a shine on your nails and a smile on your face.